portrait photo, Alexey Shekhirin

Alexey Shekhirin

Data Scientist at IQ Option


🏆 I was the very first and the youngest intern at IQ Option on Summer 2017 and Summer 2018 in Data Science department.

☁️ My pet project Word Cloud is an open source chatbot that reached 400 WAU in just 2 weeks. It creates a cloud of words from users' feed for a whole year.

👫 Friend Zone – mobile dating app for youngsters I lead development process at. We used Python for magic, MongoDB for Big Data, Autoencoder Neural Networks for recommendations and a bunch of other technical stuff for backend.

🧠 I participated in 5 hackathons (GoToHack, NTI, GoToHack 2, IQ Fintech Hackathon, University 2035, Junction 2018) and won 3 of them.

🤖 I was a chat bot developer at AI powered content distribution platform E-Contenta and event recommendations service Hi Karl

📩 Drop me a line: alexey@shekhirin.me

📄 Or just look at the CV: shekhirin.me/cv.pdf